Friday, 4 February 2011

Pigeons & Peacocks- PechaKucha

Last night I attended an interesting talk with an unusual Pecha Kucha format at the Barbican. Pecha Kucha is a chance for young designers, writers, stylists and photographers to present their work in an informal setting. Originally conceived by Tokyo-based architects Klein Dytham, each individuals presentation should include 20 visuals talked about for less than 20 seconds each. I found it a refreshing way to keep the audiences interest as some artists can go into too much depth when describing their work which can often cause confusion and boredom!

All the presenters were or had been students at LCF and the array of talent was incredible. The majority were fashion photographers but designers and illustrators were also presenting. The artists documented not only their work but also their inspiration and influences which provided great insight. Leanne Cloudsdale cited tramps as one of her main inspiration in designing menswear. She believed they had an incredible sense of identity and personal style.

The fashion illustrator Katarina Voloder (, only in her second year had an incredibly romantic, soft style of drawing which really caught my eye. Her success is incredible- Bodyshop collaboration (, Company magazine, drawing shoes for Nine West.

Illustration for Pigeons & Peacocks magazine

Southern Comfort Creative Exchange Competition, November 2010

Balenciaga shoes 2010

Rai Royal, a photographer had worked for Karen Savage, a quirky ethical t-shirt brand I had not heard of before-

Also mentioned was The Believers, a sustainable future fashion exhibition in Brussels which I am eager to discover more about.

The work of costume designer Petra Storrs was also photographed by Rai Royal and looked extremely innovative and contemporary. I researched this artist further and am particularly interested in her origami inspired creations-

It was interesting to learn about the different methods many used to manipulate their photographs. For example Hayley Louisa Brown who put a pair of tights over her camera lense to get an aged, blurry quality and often added colour to black and white painting through painting them. This added a real personal touch to the images.

Equally, Gabriela Antunes abusively folds and crumples her photopaper and negatives to achieve a raw, rough looking finish.

A lot of inspiration and research to follow up!

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