Saturday, 5 February 2011


Pick one corporation showcased at the exhibition and write about them.

*What do they sell?
*What are their brand values?
*Who is their customer?
*What is the social and environmental impact of their business?

First Kellogg's package

I chose to focus on Kellogg's because this particular brand is like a good friend of mine. I have grown up with and grown fond of it. It rekindles childhood memories and yet still exists as part of my daily routine. It comforts and reassures me with its presence and like a good friend, I can recognize it instantly. As much as we would like to think we are not influenced and manipulated by corporations there's no denying it, they ultimately hold significant control over our lives. Should this worry us? Should we be angry with ourselves at the demise of greengrocers with unbranded goods or is this just an unfortunate side effect as society evolves?

*Kellogg's as I'm sure everybody knows, produces primarily breakfast cereal. In fact it is responsible for 24 brands each of which comes in numerous varieties. For example the brand Special K, first introduced in 1959 provides 20 different products. Incredible! It all started in 1880 when Will Kellogg joined forces with his brother on experimenting on new foods for invalids. The pair accidentally discovered the principle of flaking grain and just like that....the company was born. In 1979 the company produced Super Noodles, its first non cereal product (later sold to Batchelors) and 1986 saw the introduction of Nutri-Grain bars. This heralded the beginning of a dynamic new category of food....the cereal bar. And this food sector continues to develop and increase in popularity today.

*Brand values-
"At Kellogg's we are committed to building great brands. These are the shared values, principles and behavior that we follow in providing high quality and great tasting foods worldwide."

Quality and good taste are what the brand is noted for.

*The Kellogg's customer- Kellogg's has real family appeal. Within its' diverse range of cereal and cereal bars are products that appeal to children (with mascots like Tony the Tiger), the health conscious (the Special K diet bar), busy individuals with the need for convenience (Nutri-Grain bars) etc. As it is a brand that has been present in many peoples lives, it is highly trusted and respected.

*On the Kellogg's website there's a whole section on its work towards being a sustainable, environmentally friendly company. 100% recyclable boxes, reducing 270,000 road miles in the UK, reducing their use of water by 17% per tonne of food, reducing waste to landfill by 44% per tonne etc. It is also working with the charity Seeds for Africa to help families in Malawi and Kenya grow a sustainable future and have teamed up with learning charity ContinYou to develop and support breakfast clubs across the UK.The aim of these is to provide a healthy meal at the start of the day in a safe and friendly environment and acts as a great opportunity for kids to play, learn and socialise with classmates.

Despite claims that Kellogg's have deceived us- their cereal doesn't really improve a childs' attentivness by 20% and their pop-tarts aren't really made with 'real fruit' we are in no hurry to become disloyal to our friend who I am convinced has a fruitful and highly successful future.

Advertisement, 1910s

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