Friday, 25 February 2011

Austin Reed Internship

The last couple of weeks I have been interning at Austin Reed's head office on Regent Street. I was helping out in the design section for their womens' brand Country Casuals. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. They are currently designing their Christmas range so it was my job to help research possible garment shapes, fabrics, colours and embellishments through studying the shows of New York and London fashion week. I also did a lot of CAD in order to experiment with colour palettes and stripe engineering. It was good to get some hands on experience and i actually felt really useful. They have invited me back to help out again in April so I must have done something right!

A few of the shows caught my eye, mostly for their use of vivid colour and striking print-

Matthew Williamson


Johnathan Saunders


Mary Katranzou

Holly Fulton

I love the playful, eclectic quality of Central St Martin's student Jenny Postle's collection. The different elements were like fragmented influences coming together to form an exciting garment with diverse colours, shapes and textures-

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