Monday, 7 February 2011

Laura Theiss- Incredible knitwear

After seeing her skirt in Beyond the Valley boutique I decided to do a bit of research and discovered that Laura Theiss was an incredibly innovative and futuristic knitwear designer.

Her knitwear is playful, experimental and often ambiguous. She explores the use of neon colours, fringing, deconstructing and crochet to create stunning body-con cut out garments.


The A/W10 collection, entitled Of Samurais and Girls, interestingly mixes unusual colours and textures to create wearable armour for modern women. The fifteen garments included in the collection are all made with cashmere, wool, and metallic yarns. Using several techniques including layering, pleating and twisting, Theiss manages to create voluminous knitwear that juxtapose with more sculpted pieces.

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