Monday, 13 June 2011

New techniques at Life Drawing

Despite another crazy tutor at Life Drawing this evening (I really don't know where they find them!), I really enjoyed the class. I took the advice of last week's tutor in working on a smaller scale so that more detail can be completed in a short time. This was not to this week's tutor taste who believed bigger was better. I really enjoyed working on a small scale. It was much less overwhelming and I liked taking the time to add tiny bits of detail. Also, I luckily had a pencil on me which was essential when working so small as charcoal is far to messy and better for large scale drawing. I liked mixing my media's as I believe it gave the images more depth and character. Definitely a technique I will explore further...maybe even adding colour washes, who knows! We were also encouraged this week to draw around the model, i.e. floorboards other student's easels etc. This is something I am definitely not used to and I think detracts significant attention away from the model. I understand it's important to draw the model within a spatial context but I think this can lead to things getting a little too busy.

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