Saturday, 18 June 2011

Graduate Fashion Week

Last week I took my place at Manchester Met's Graduate Fashion Catwalk to see the work of my highly gifted fashionista friend Esther Phillipson. Having not seen Esther's work since we did our foundation course together I was totally unsure what to expect but knew that knowing Esther she would have created a highly ambitious, innovative collection. I certainly wasn't disappointed. Being a bit tired of the ever popular minimalist look of young emerging fashion designers, Esther's work refreshed me with its vibrant colour, vivid print and tactile juxtaposing textures. Her garments had a distinctive ethnic vibe enhanced by her use of folk and knitted motifs. Her melange of coloured sheepskin, knitted stripes and floaty, feminine fabrics came together in both a playful and original way. Careful consideration had been given to colour and texture to create clashes that both caught the eye and stayed in the memory. As a textile student, Esther's fashion collection excited me immensely with having both a fantastic visual appeal but also considerable technical skill (her knitwear must have taken absolutely ages!). I predict a glowing future for this young graduate. Congratulations Esther!

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