Thursday, 23 June 2011

20th June Life Drawing

This week’s life drawing was perhaps a step back from the success of the last. But I suppose you win some you lose some. What didn’t help was the constant chatter between the tutor and the life model. I do wish they would go for a coffee before to talk about Italy because forgive me if I’m wrong but sketching a moving life model isn’t exactly what I signed up for! The tutor also brought along her adorable dog…..another distraction. Another student told me that once a life model didn’t turn up so the whole class had to sketch the dog instead! To be honest I think I would rather settle for a moving human that a dog. The tutor encouraged us to really accentuate the muscles of the body even if this led to an element of surrealism. After having previously taught not to over darken my drawings, I feared I could get carried away. I am quite pleased with the tone I achieved as I believe it adds a strength and presence to the body.

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