Sunday, 23 January 2011

Photography workshop




I have always been a keen and aspiring photographer but despite this have never really had the opportunity or time to gain a vast amount of skill or knowledge in this field. Therefore I was particularly excited about the day of photography as I believe that having the ability to photograph a textile in a way that captures its detail without the need for touch will be essential in my future work. We had been working on sculptural pieces inspired by our second pop-up collection, mine being my fishing flies. I wanted to somehow make the flies appear alive, to give them energy like buzzing insects. I hoped these cut out vessels with the flies emerging and escaping would evoke a sense of movement and I was eager to use lighting and shadow to enhance this feeling. I also wanted to photograph the flies themselves in a way that would make them appear large and dominating to give them power and presence and contrast with the reality of their small almost insignificant forms. I am really pleased with the amount of detail captured when photographing the flies with my digital camera. However, I was unable to get the correct focus when trying to capture the shadowed vessels. Therefore I booked a session in the photographic studio with a borrowed DSLR camera.




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