Monday, 3 January 2011

My lovely long Parisienne weekend

Despite the snow, bitter cold and uber disrupted transport, my visit to see my dear friend Sophia was a lovely break from the pre- Christmas hustle and bustle. I have always been fond of the Parisienne ambiance, attitude and architecture which is supplemented by an amazing array of art galleries. I managed to visit two in my short time here- Les Arts Decoratifs and Musee de Quai Branly.

Les Arts Decoratifs houses an extraordinary display of art, jewellery, toys, furniture etc etc from Middle Ages-Renaissance (12th-16th century) through to modern day artefacts. I was such a fan of Alessandro Medini's colour explosion sofa (Fauteil Poltrona di Proust)-

And was perplexed by Hermes' 1978 ostrich skin clad rhinoceros.


My favourite exhibit of all was part of a display of contemporary french ceramics. Caroline Rennequin's ceramic bags demonstrate how unexpected media can be manipulated to create unexpectedly delicate, fragile and skeletal looking objects.

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