Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Importance of colour

I recently took a visit to the Courthauld Gallery, a gallery I had never visited before. I wanted to take a look at two exhibitions- one a Mathew Williamson exhibition and the other a small exhibit of a few of Cezanne's sketches and paintings of Card Players. The Williamson exhibition consisted of a few images and was frankly rather small and disappointing. On the other hand the beauty of the Cezanne canvases certainly made up for this disappointment. Having spent considerable time in the south of France, I am particularly drawn to the ambling scenery and relaxed atmosphere he always succeeds in capturing in his painting. This exhibition however, just focused on one aspect of the artist’s work- his series of canvases and sketches of Card Players. What struck me most, was the intensity of the green and blue hues of colour radiating from the paintings which gives them such a striking presence. The importance of colour is something I hope to investigate further during my course as I am presently not very confident with my use of bold colour within my work.

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