Sunday, 27 March 2011

Inspiring knit and project inspiration

On Monday I finally have to make the decision whether to specialize for the next 2 and a half years in print, stitch, knit or weave. I am drawn to weave at the moment. I think this is because it is such a skilled craft with a vast history which covers numerous different cultures. I find the whole process rather theraputic and the notion of actually creating a cloth from nothing is exceptionally rewarding. However, knit is a close contender! Knit excited me because of its possibilities in an experimental way and its ability to become 3-D and sculptural. I have already blogged on Laura Theiss, who's knitwear is incredible but here are a couple more inspirational knitters.


I am really fond of her alternative take on patchwork. Very original.


The sculptural quality of her knitwear makes them appear otherwordly and surreal. High impact and high drama. They have been inspiring in informing my current fashion project in which I am making knitted menswear trousers. They are going to be made up of panels of knitted ruffles as seen below. Despite being soft and rather feminine looking, I hope that bunched together en mass and their movement as our lovely male model shimmies down the catwalk will give them some va va voom.

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